Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jesse's Halloween Costume

Okay so now I'm dating myself. My prom dress which I wore my sophomore year in high school has now been relegated to the status of Halloween costume. Jesse thought it would be great fun. And it was. Ei-yai-yai! At one time that was the height of fashion! YIKES!!!!!!

Unemployed Again

I won't tell the story. But once again I find myself unemployed and once again I'm not terribly broken up about it. Maybe next time I'll find a job that I really love. Anyway just thought you'd like to know.....


As most of you know I LOVE dressing up, so therefore Halloween is one of my favorite days ever! This year I went as a pirate wench. I was only bummed because I couldn't find a scabbard with a sword to complete the outift. Love to all!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More Breaking News!

Well unemployment lasted for all of two weeks. My former manager at DocuTech called me yesterday to offer me a different position within the company. I told her I needed a few days to think about it. This morning I recieved a phone call requesting that I meet with the owner of the company. Anyway, long story short, I accepted the position and will be returning to DocuTech on Friday in a completely different job than what I left. It ought to be an adventure. Lots of Love to all!

Monday, October 8, 2007

By Popular Demand

For those who wanted to see pictures of the new house I finally obliged.

The front exterior view

This is the formal living room upstairs, but it's a little messy right now.

Our gorgeous backyard!

The family room downstairs. (Again, slightly messy.)

I'm not finished with the nursery or the guest bedroom yet, but will be shortly. Eventually though, I'll attach pics of those as well as pics of the kitchen & dining room etc. Anyway, enjoy.....

The Breaking News

So funny story, I got laid off from DocuTech today. Not to worry, I really haven't been that upset by it. (My supervisor cried while letting me go, but I just kind of shrugged it off.) I've actually been feeling for the last little while that perhaps it's time to move on anyway. To those who were using my work email as a standard source of communication, not to worry, I still have my old hotmail account. I can dust it off until I find something better. In the meantime, I'm going to take a few days off and waste some of my severance package while deciding what my next move will be. Hugs and Kisses to all!

What a beautiful day

Want to know what it does here in the frozen north in Idaho? It snows. These were actually taken early in the storm. We ended up with more than 3 inches and warnings not to leave home because there were trees and power lines coming down everywhere. I think I need to go back to Hawaii.

Monday, October 1, 2007

More Open House

Well, there were a few more photos that I thought I'd attach from the Open House. Just for fun.

My job was to put umbrellas with marschino cherries on the end, into all of the drinks. I was a fun job.

Skye & Ryan's Open House

Now that they're back on the mainland, Skye & Ryan decided to hold an Open House so that family and friends who couldn't attend their wedding, could celebrate with us. It was held at my mom & dad's house and was really low key and a lot of fun. We kept with the Hawaii theme and decorated everything really tropical (easy to do in mom & dad's house for those of you who are familiar with it.) Anyway, a good time was had by all.