Sunday, January 18, 2009

So it's been how long since I last posted?

Has it really only been two weeks? Wow. It seems like it's been forever. So much has happened. Some of it was good, like the munchkin walking. (Okay I have tried repeatedly to load some video of him walking but blogger is stupid and I can't make it work!) Some of it bad, like my Tarheels losing their first two ACC matches of the season. (The loss to Wake Forest I can allow, Wake is actually a really good team. But losing to Boston College was just flat embarrassing.) And some of it ugly, like Travis getting laid off from his job.

As for Gideon he's really developing a little personality and not all of it is pleasant. He's terribly stubborn sometimes! But he's mostly very sweet.

He LOVES to help. Whatever you're doing, he wants to be a part of it.

Like helping Nana with the laundry.

He's also a huge help with the dishes and food preparation. In fact, he really enjoys the view from the sink I guess because he always wants up there when Nana's in the kitchen.

For his part, Gideon has been a trooper when we drag him to wrestling meets and tournaments. Of course, that could be because Grandpa always brings him a sucker. Thanks dad!

"Eeew! Uncle Cody! This headgear is gross and sweaty!" Oh well, the headgear works for Cody. He's 14 & 2 on the season so far and improving in every match.

The munchkin has also started eating more and more table food lately. In fact, he doesn't really like baby food much anymore. He'd really rather have what we're eating. He's also become very stubborn about wanting to feed himself. I think that's the real reason he doesn't care much for baby food anymore. He can't feed it to himself.

So the other morning I had a brilliant idea. He loves pancakes and toast, so I figured, why not try a muffin?

I forgot that muffins are much crumblier than pancakes or toast. Oops! My bad. He didn't really each much of it. He was having way too much fun pulverizing the poor muffin.

And finally we'll end this post on a bright note.

Say hello to the 2009 Madison Invitational Champion at 140 lbs. That's right, it's my baby brother! Stay tuned for more exciting wrestling news after the Tiger-Grizz Invitational this weekend!

PS you can see Cody's matches online at just go to their archives and watch the Madison Wrestling Invitational footage. BTW doesn't the Madison podium look great? Daddy took it and painted it this week because it was pretty shabby looking before. I don't mind admitting that I'm a little sad I didn't get any of my father's artisic ability. (Apparently all of that went to Shiloh. Yet another reason why we sometimes want to vote her off the island.)


leschornmom said...

Hey Cali, So sorry to hear about Travis' job! I know it will be hard for a little while but looking back...The time that John was unemployed and we had nothing but each other is the time that I have the best family memories from.
As for every thing else... I'm going to cry when Abbie starts walking! She's not really eating table food either! How come your 10 month old is doing so much and my13 month old is just now pulling herself up? Maybe Heavenly Father knows that I still need my baby for a little while longer.

Juli said...

They LOVE helping when they're little, but when they get a bit taller, they don't like helping so much anymore. So enjoy it while it lasts! Hope all is well with you guys.

Ashley, Mike and Kiddos said...

Unfortunately the muffin thing doesn't change for a lot of years...Payten at almost 20 months is still pulverizing her muffins!!! But it makes breakfast time so FUN!!! I just cannot believe how big he is getting!!!

Hillary and Jake said...

If I were a muffing I would rather die being pulverized and half-eaten by a munchkin, than crispi-fried and forgotten in the oven. being beaten to death sounds a lot more pleasant than being burned alive.

erin said...

oh my goodness...gideon is getting so big! too cute!! :)

Jacob and Cami said...

I agree with Hillary. I definitely don't want to be burned alive.

Jessica said...

Wow, I can't believe that he's walking already! I can't wait to see a video. Did he get another haircut? Maybe I just haven't been on your blog enough lately...