Sunday, January 18, 2009

So it's been how long since I last posted?

Has it really only been two weeks? Wow. It seems like it's been forever. So much has happened. Some of it was good, like the munchkin walking. (Okay I have tried repeatedly to load some video of him walking but blogger is stupid and I can't make it work!) Some of it bad, like my Tarheels losing their first two ACC matches of the season. (The loss to Wake Forest I can allow, Wake is actually a really good team. But losing to Boston College was just flat embarrassing.) And some of it ugly, like Travis getting laid off from his job.

As for Gideon he's really developing a little personality and not all of it is pleasant. He's terribly stubborn sometimes! But he's mostly very sweet.

He LOVES to help. Whatever you're doing, he wants to be a part of it.

Like helping Nana with the laundry.

He's also a huge help with the dishes and food preparation. In fact, he really enjoys the view from the sink I guess because he always wants up there when Nana's in the kitchen.

For his part, Gideon has been a trooper when we drag him to wrestling meets and tournaments. Of course, that could be because Grandpa always brings him a sucker. Thanks dad!

"Eeew! Uncle Cody! This headgear is gross and sweaty!" Oh well, the headgear works for Cody. He's 14 & 2 on the season so far and improving in every match.

The munchkin has also started eating more and more table food lately. In fact, he doesn't really like baby food much anymore. He'd really rather have what we're eating. He's also become very stubborn about wanting to feed himself. I think that's the real reason he doesn't care much for baby food anymore. He can't feed it to himself.

So the other morning I had a brilliant idea. He loves pancakes and toast, so I figured, why not try a muffin?

I forgot that muffins are much crumblier than pancakes or toast. Oops! My bad. He didn't really each much of it. He was having way too much fun pulverizing the poor muffin.

And finally we'll end this post on a bright note.

Say hello to the 2009 Madison Invitational Champion at 140 lbs. That's right, it's my baby brother! Stay tuned for more exciting wrestling news after the Tiger-Grizz Invitational this weekend!

PS you can see Cody's matches online at just go to their archives and watch the Madison Wrestling Invitational footage. BTW doesn't the Madison podium look great? Daddy took it and painted it this week because it was pretty shabby looking before. I don't mind admitting that I'm a little sad I didn't get any of my father's artisic ability. (Apparently all of that went to Shiloh. Yet another reason why we sometimes want to vote her off the island.)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Where's the Law that Says...

...You can't have milkshakes in the bathtub? Our Munchkin thought it was great!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Gideon in 2008

I just thought it would be fun to see how much the munchkin has changed through the year. It was fun for me to go back through all of his pictures. I can honestly say that I've taken more pictures in the last nine months than in all the rest of my life combined (mission included.) We were so blessed to get such a photogenic little guy!

March 21, 2008









December 22

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New Look

Yes, I figured I'd had my old background for nearly a year, so it was time to retire it for a while and try something new. Incidentally, this is not the only area in which I'm going to shake things up. I'm also planning on going back to blonde hair this year. It's been about 3 or 4 years since I was a blonde, so it ought to be fun this time around!

8 Reasons Why 2008 Rocked!

1. The birth of our son, Gideon

2. The return of New Kids on the Block (that's right, I said it.)

3. A double dose of "Twilight." (New book in August, new movie in November)

4. Hillary got married (And we love Jake for loving her!)

5. The UNC Tarheels went to their 17th Final Four

6. Cody demonstrated that he was a champion (See post from February 24th, if you missed that.)

7. Daniel Craig is still awesome as James Bond!

8. Lily Pie Jewell Guffey joined our family giving us a real life Cabbage Patch doll to love. (I can't wait to see her again so I can kiss those cheeks!)

PS - Did anyone else watch the Carolina game last night? It was awesome! Even the commentators were getting a little bored because it was such a blowout. Again. I love this team and these guys!