Monday, March 7, 2011


Saturday it got a lot warmer (like 40s) so we had a lot of snow melt. Gideon couldn't stand it, he had to play outside. He got absolutely filthy and muddy, but that' s okay, he had fun. Then it snowed again that night. Go figure.

I got a call last week that Gideon's surgery was being moved up a month. So this morning we were up much too early and at the surgical center before six. Gideon was in a pretty good mood. He kept saying, "Go to the dentist. Fix my teeth."

He was having fun playing in the bed this morning especially when they gave him a new stuffed dog.

Then they slipped a sedative into some tylenol and he got really relaxed. He just zoned out until they wheeled him back. The Dr. said all went well, but they just had to extract those 4 front teeth. So he'll be toothless until his grown up teeth come in.
I have no pictures from immediately after surgery, because he had some delirium coming out of the anesthesia. Basically he FREAKED. He screamed and kicked and thrashed and cried and clawed for like an hour. Seriously he beat up on both me and the nurse. It made me want to bawl. He wasn't totally cognizant, so nothing I could do would calm him down because he wasn't even truly aware it was me. Even after he knew it was me, he sobbed and screamed and cried for another hour.

It took a good hour after we got home before he stopped having meltdowns. He's still pretty sensitive, both physically and emotionally. But right now, the silliness has taken over. I hope he takes a nap this afternoon. I'd really like to go for a short run. But we'll just have to see.

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