Thursday, June 23, 2011

Breaking in the new Suit

On Monday while we were out shopping, Gideon found a new "CARS" bathing suit. (Sidebar, he's entering a second CARS phase because of the new movie coming out this week. He's soooooooo psyched about and about all of the new CARS stuff to be found around lately.) Anyway, the suit (which came with a matching tank top) was on sale 30% off and since he needed a new one anyway (the one he wore last year was still a 24 month size) we went ahead and bought it. Naturally he wanted to wear it right away. So that night he had to wear it in his bath just to break it in.

Yesterday we let him play in the sprinkler for a while so he got to wear it there too. Finally today the new suit was worn on it's first official outing. We went with friends down to Ross Park to play in the water. And boy did we ever have fun!

Gideon was fearless as usual when it came to running and playing in the water, so it's a good thing we were able to talk Grandma Cindy into tagging along so that one of us could always be watching him.

It took Parker a little while to decide whether or not she wanted to play in the water, but once she finally warmed up to the idea she was practically part fish.

She really loved it when Grandma took her int he lazy river. (That's one of Gideon's favorite things too.)

And yes, just to prove I was there, floppy beach hat and all:

We all had a great day and can't wait to do it again! I'm excited for the new aquatic center to open in Rexburg though, so we don't have to drive quite so far!


Jacob and Cami said...

Sounds like fun, but the water still looks cold to me.

Cassi : ) said...

Hey, are you headed to SLC anytime soon? I would still love to meet up for lunch sometime. (getting to meet your adorable munchkins wouldn't hurt either ;)

Cassi : ) said...

LOVE the floppy hat, by the way!