Sunday, November 27, 2011

At least it's Something

So I know, I know, I've been a huge blog slacker. It's just that ever since we got home from vacation everything seems like a let down. I'm afraid our lives will just seem boring after that fun adventure. But we've had a pretty good November I guess.

Gideon insisted one day on making gingerbread men. Eventually we decorated them and ate them all. Now he keeps going on about doing a gingerbread house. We'll probably take the lazy way out on that one though and just buy a kit or two. I just don't feel like making the gingerbread and going through all of that again.

Travis turned 40 on November 18th. We had actually planned a small party with family and a few friends, but he ended up calling that morning and saying he wouldn't be home because they had to stay and work in Rock Springs, WY. It was a big bummer especially since we already had the cake and decorations and stuff. Well we still went out to eat and had cake like a week later, but we weren't able to have the friends and "party" that we had planned. It ended up just being us and Trav's parents.

Can you tell who picked out the birthday cake? Like 3 weeks ago when we went into order Gideon about came unglued over the Shrek cake. I was partial to the grim reaper myself, but in the end I decided to keep the peace. You have to pick your battles right?

And finally we had a quiet Thanksgiving with Trav's parents. But it was still good. We enjoyed lots of good food and a fun afternoon of playing games together. The day after Thanksgiving Travis and his parents did a little bit of Black Friday shopping while the kids and I decorated the house for Christmas. You'll notice I didn't put out any of my good villages or expensive decorations this year. Parker just has too many hands and won't leave things alone. In some ways she's into more stuff than Gideon was at that age. Anyway we made the decision to get a new tree this year and since we have very young children we decided to buy a very inexpensive one. While we were at it, we got some cheap shatterproof ornaments. I had intended to put up some of our keepsake ornaments along with the inexpensive ones, but seeing how often they hit the floor I made the executive decision just to leave anything of any kind of value in the box this year. So this is it. I know it's not much, but at least it's something and anything that's out I don't have worry about kids destroying.

*Green & Gold on the wrapping this year for those who might be curious.


Monk Family said...

Love it! We're hoping to get our decorations up today...Emily's been begging for days but I just haven't had time! Miss you!!

Jacob and Cami said...

I love it!

Unknown said...

Those ginger bread men looked like fun but yes messy!! I say go with a kit for a house.. Have fun creating!!

Unknown said...

That's me Natalie Thinodeau btw, it's not showing my name. I'll have to figure out why..

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

This is my 5th time to write a comment. It won't put them up! I will try again only abbreviate it since I am mad at the whole process:
1. Love the white tree.
2. Have Gid the Kid send us some G-bread cookie me. We love them.
3. post pics of the G-bread house.

Angela said...

As soon as I saw the stockings I wondered what wrapping colors you'd use this year :) Fun stuff!