Saturday, October 20, 2012

Trav's New Digs

So I think I posted back in July that Travis had sold his other trailer - the 22 ft. 1979 Patriot (aka the ghetto box) in anticipation of going to Haiti for a few months and not needing it.  The plan was to upgrade to a nicer and newer trailer whenever the need might arise.  Well the Haiti job got postponed indefinitely and now he'll be going to Boron, California for 3 months followed by Elko, NV.  So the need for a new trailer has arisen.  Anyway he bought this one (used not new) off of the father of a guy he worked with on the Soda Springs job last spring.  It's pretty nice and I think it will be a good place for him.  And, unlike the ghetto box there's actually room for me to be able to take the kids and go stay with him for short visits.  Anyway it's a 2000 27 ft. Wilderness with the northwest winterization package.  If you want to visit him in Boron, the couch pulls out and the dining room table folds down to a bed.

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Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

That is really a nice upgrade!! Congratulations Trav, Glad to hear there is room for you Mother-in-law!