Saturday, July 27, 2013


 What's more American on the 4th of July than Spiderman?  Nothing according to Gideon, so that's what his face paint was.  The 4th was good.  Travis came home and we went to the parade and festival up in Menan.  Then we came home and put some ribs on the grill and watched the fireworks from the comfort of our own front yard.  (Actually Gideon realized he could see them from his bed through his window.)

 On the 5th we went up to the cabin for the rest of the weekend.  The kids got to go fishing and hiking with their dad, so that's always a plus.  As for Travis they finally finished the job in Boron, California.  At least his part of it anyway.  He's now in Dickinson, ND for the time being.  And we're all counting down the days to September when we take our family vacation to Disney World and on a Disney Cruise.

As for the rest of the summer, we've just been hanging out at home.  Playing in the sprinkler when it gets hot and going to the dairy for ice cream when ever we can. 

The red head is our neighbor, Morrison.  He and Gideon have been pretty much inseparable this summer.  I'll post more soon I promise

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Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

I want Ice Cream!! Looks like loads of fun!