Thursday, July 17, 2014

Water Park Fun & a Personal Best!

 On Tuesday July 8 my friend, Malia, met the kids and I up at Rexburg Rapids water park on a day that was 96 degrees.  I love this park because it's big enough to have all the cool features a water park should have, but yet small and intimate enough to keep an eye on the kids from my comfortable lounge chair.
 Gideon's very favorite thing to do is float the lazy river and then slide down one of the big slides and then float the river again. 

 All in all it was a fun and very exhausting day!  So much fun we went back there with Cami and Jacob and their crew on Tuesday the 15th, although I didn't manage to get any pictures of that one.
 On Friday July 11 we drove down to Utah so that I could run one of my favorite races, the Hobbler Half marathon.  I was so excited to run with Cami and Jacob.  Not that we really ever ran together since we all run different paces, but we rode up and started together and that was fun. 
 I managed to blast twelve minutes off my previous best time, finishing in 1:51.27. Jacob came in at 1:37 and change and Cami also got a PR coming in at 2:13.09.
 We stayed with Jacob's sister Heather who was nice enough to keep all five kids and bring them over to the finish line so they could play on the bounce houses and be there to support us.
And then we got to play in the pool at Heather's.  It was great because Jake and Hillary brought Gabriel over. 

The kids were pretty worn out but still managed to make the best of the day together, finishing it with a cookout up in American Fork Canyon with Heather, Amelia and Manny.

 Parker was asleep when we got up there but  by the time we got a hot dog and marshmallows in her she was being her usual self, making faces and being silly.  All in all, a great weekend.

Even better, we got to come home and have cousins join us for a week, so more of those pictures coming.


Cindy Cunningham said...

Family Fun!!! You can't beat it!!!

Kelly and Jesse said...

I love the pic of Parker with your beach hat!