Saturday, September 6, 2014

Where We Live

 North Dakota reminds me a lot of North Central Texas (Circa 1985ish) which I suppose isn't a far stretch because we're just directly north of where I grew up. (Well it's far as in 1200 miles north but it's just a colder version of north central Texas.)
 Anyway, farms, cattle and oil derricks.  That's pretty much it around here.

 This is the new Dakota Prairie Refinery where Travis has been working for the last 14 months.  In the distance beyond the refinery you can see the bustling metropolis of Dickinson, where we live. It's about 15 minutes from the plant so Travis is home early almost every night.

 And this is Lake Patterson.  A man made recreation area that we haven't had the chance to check out yet because Travis has worked every day since we've been here.  Hopefully he'll get a weekend off soon so we can do some fun things around here.


Cindy Cunningham said...

Wow, It makes me think of Wichita Falls! Very Pretty. Good thing, no stickers or chiggers.

Hillary and Jake said...

Looks pretty. If I wasn't saving up to go to a wedding (and scared of freezing my booty off) I'd come visit. Love Ya!

Jacob and Cami said...

At least it's green! I love farmland!