Friday, August 8, 2008

And yes, I'm really that old!

Want to know something that will make you feel old? Returning to the Missionary Training Center 9 1/2 years after you were there, to drop off a young man you used to babysit.

On Wednesday August 6, Michael Egloff officially began his two year church mission. He's headed to Detroit, Michigan when he finishes his time at the training center in 3 weeks. Since his family wasn't able to come out and take him to the MTC, mom, Cody and I decided to stand in for his family. We got up much too early that morning, drove down to Salt Lake, met him at the airport and then took him to Provo. We had a very quick lunch and then headed to the training center.

It was weird being back there after so long. All of the missionaries suddenly seem so young. And that of course doesn't make me feel very good. I honestly can't believe it's been nearly a decade since the family dropped me off there to begin my mission. It seems like yesterday.

Anyway, we love you Michael! You're in our prayers and we're so proud of you!

Waiting at the airport for Michael's flight.

Michael and Gideon

Michael and his surrogate mom for the day

He was sooooo excited to finally be here!

Cody wants to go on a mission so badly that I truly feared he was going to chain himself to the fence so he wouldn't have to leave. He got choked up and frustrated because he said, "I just want to stay and do this!" We kept telling him that the next year will fly by and it will be his turn before he realizes it. I don't think he believes us yet.

We ran into mom and dad's neighbors the Mickelsen's while we were there. Their 2nd son, Ross was also reporting to the MTC on Wednesday. (He's headed to Mexico somewhere.) And they had literally just come back from picking up their oldest son, Jake from his mission in Uraguay. In fact, Jake hadn't even made it home yet and he was back at the MTC to drop off Ross.

Mom does the honors.

And that makes it official. For the next two years, he's no longer Michael, He's Elder Egloff.

Since Jake hasn't been released yet, and Ross had just been set apart, both brothers were still officially missionaries. So here are the Elders Mickelsen.


Cathy Shields said...

Congrats to Michael!!!!! How exciting. Aaron Maggalanes is going to San Berdino California and Sam Spencer is going to Paraqua in October. Just guess how old I feel!!!

Ashley, Mike and Kiddos said...

We'll have to look for him here...that is the mission we are in and I absolutely LOVE to have the elders over to feed them! Hopefully he gets assigned to the best ward here - the Walled Lake Ward! Yay Detroit!!!

Darryl and Cindy said...

It was a fun day no matter how early we got up!!! And I am SOOOOO excited to go next year with Cody!..... well, maybe not. YES I Am!.. No, Yes, Oh my.. Let me think.... Hmmm. Okay where are the kleenexes?

William said...

I understand you pain sis. In December I get to celebrate 10 years of being home. I’m glad you guys were able to be there for him when he entered the MTC. I got a surrogate brother in Matt (Elder) Stone when I went in.

‘S Rioghal Mo Dhream
William E Herrington

The Clegg Family said...

James was just saying the other day that it had been 10 years since he had entered the MTC.