Friday, August 22, 2008

The Unexpected Excursion

14 hours and 37 minutes. That's how long we were in the car yesterday. We drove the entire 1017.21 miles from Kathie and Neal's house so that we could be home today.

Somehow we survived the trip. I only wish we could have spent a few more days with Neal. I really think he wanted the company as well. Despite the fact that it was under sad circumstances we did manage to have a good visit. The services were beautiful. Travis gave the invocation, I read the eulogy & my father-in-law dedicated the grave, so we all played a part. Kathie was in the Navy for 20 years, so she had full military honors at the cemetary. It was a beautiful service and then everyone gathered back at Neal's for a luncheon catered by Kathie's company. When you see the pictures of the back yard you'll know why that was the perfect venue for the luncheon. I didn't take a lot of pictures but I did take some.

The trip actually did have a high point. Travis and I got to sneak out Tuesday morning and do a session at the San Diego Temple. I was absolutely stunned by how gorgeous it is inside. I mean the outside is definitely beautiful, but the inside is staggering!!!! It was different than any other temple I've been in. (And I've been to a fair few.) I can't even describe it. It was unbelievable.

Ahhh............. after a trip to a heavenly place, it's only appropriate to have a heavenly meal, right?

The munchkin loved Uncle Neal's backyard swing. I'm thinking we need to invest in one of these because he took great naps out there. (So did Trav.)

Gideon's cousin Aidan. Well technically, Aidan's mother is Andrea who is the daughter of Trav's sister Peggy. So it's Andrea who is Trav's niece and Gideon's first cousin. But since Andrea is actually my age she doesn't call us aunt or uncle or anything. Aidan absolutely fell in love with Gideon. He wanted to be there every time I made a bottle or changed a diaper and even at 2 1/2 was very helpful at playing with the munchkin and keeping him entertained.

Grandpa, Daddy and Gideon ready for the funeral. (Yes, we did put shoes and socks on him before we left.)

This was the arrangement Trav's parents and he and his brother (and Gideon and me of course) sent.

Someone got really restless during the viewing, so we had to sneak off to a corner room of the funeral home and let him play. By the time the service started though, he was really good. He didn't make a sound through the entire service. (Which I was a little worried about since each of us had to be up at one time or another.)

These are just pics of the back yard and back of Neal and Kathie's house. I love it.

Kathie's pride and joy in the yard was her rose garden.

Okay on the right is Amie. Amie is Kathie's daughter, so technically she's Travis's niece and Gideon's first cousin. Yes, Amie is my age. Well actually, she's 14 months younger, but who's counting. That's her fiance Victor on the couch and their dog Kody.

The munchkin made a new friend.

Neal gets kisses from his cocker spaniel, Bailey.

Gideon just loved Amie. He really didn't want to let her go. He also love Amie's step-sister, Jennifer. But somehow Jennifer left early that day and I never did get a picture of her. Oh well, we're going back down for Jennifer's wedding in November, so we'll see them all then.

I did take some pictures of the Las Vegas Strip as we flew by on the freeway at 80mph. We did stop in Vegas both on the way down and on the way back for lunch and gas, but it's just Vegas, so that's nothing special.


JW said...

Thanks for the beautiful picture of the San Diego temple. My condolences on your recent loss. (I was just killing time hitting "Next Blog" and came across yours.)

Seven years ago, I lived for several years in the apartment closest to that temple. From my bedroom I could identify the person working the recommend desk. There is a wonderful spirit about that temple.

Ironic, then, that I ended up getting married shortly thereafter in the Idaho Falls temple!

Warm regards to you and your family,

reanda said...

It sounds like your sad trip turned out to be ok. Again, I am sorry for your sudden loss. I did want to tell you that I used to have (I lost it in the divorce) a cocker spaniel named Bailey. He was black and white. I miss him a lot!