Sunday, November 30, 2008

What Thanksgiving Taught Us

1. Gideon loves Sweet Potatoes. We already knew they were one of his favorite baby foods, but he really likes the grown-up version with butter, brown sugar and marshmallows. I think he ate most of grandma's first helping. (Which was evident in his diaper all the next day, but that's a different story.)

2. We're definitely not ready for a dog. Jesse and Kelly brought their new bassett hound puppy to dinner and while we all enjoyed her, Travis and I decided that we definitely don't need a dog yet. Gideon was fascinated with her and would constantly chase her down and pound on her (lovingly of course.) But then when the dog was in a playful mood, she'd chase the munchkin down and jump on him and lick him to death. Even in his walker he wasn't safe and there's only so far to run in our house. So we won't be getting a dog anytime soon. (And also, the cat hissed and spit every time the puppy had the audacity to enter whatever room he was in. And I just don't need that kind of drama in my life right now.)

3. Getting the three of us dressed nicely and gathered for a family picture is easier said than done.


Hillary and Jake said...

Jesse's puppy is so cute! What's it's name?

Guffey Family said...

You and the words "don't need the drama in my life"... I don't even know what to say the ... the memories...

ARE YOU CRAZY?! You thrive on drama in your life! Well, you used to... actually come to think of it you have mellowed out quite a bit in recent years, but still.

I love you Brenda!

Corey said...

Shiloh's comment has me rolling.. and I won't say anymore on that topic. ;)

Send me your latest email address! The last one I have is bouncing.