Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Sweet Ride!

So today is five weeks since my surgery. I'm getting around so much better these days. No crutches, although I'm still in the boot (but not for much longer.) Really the most irritating part of the whole thing has been not being able to drive. I hate having to depend on someone else to chauffer me around. Fortunately, I've had mom's scooter, so there was at least a measure of independence.

The munchkin loves going for rides on this thing! He likes to "drive" whenever possible. We can't go far, but at least it gets us to church and the in-laws and the park. Those are the important things anyway.


Andrea (Annie) said...

Love the scooter and I love your hair! Mr. Gideon is seriously one cute kid! I hope you continue to recover soon. If I lived closer I am sure I would be a better friend. Hang in there!

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Hey.... I like your ride... wait.... It's my ride. I am Glad it has come in handy for you and the Gidster.

Jacob and Cami said...

You look really good (especially your hair.)