Saturday, September 12, 2009

So Thoughtful!

Well he may be 9000 miles away, but at least he didn't forget my birthday! Trav's package containing my birthday present arrived today.

I was surprised to find this beautiful tea set! (Yes, there are six cups, but the minute I opened the box, the munchkin grabbed one of the cups and ran off with it, so my mom had to chase him down. Luckily she caught him and the set is still undamaged.)

But of course, he had to try it out!

And a Pirate T-shirt which is cute.

Naturally daddy didn't forget his boy, either. There was a toy plane and some t-shirts for munchkin. All in all an impressive haul. And my birthday's still a week away. Thank you, sweetheart for being so thoughtful!

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Ron and Jessica said...

That is a really long way away. Good thing he remembered...Happy Birthday!