Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm still in shock!

I'm still shocked. In complete disbelief!

I was sitting around this morning and finally decided that I couldn't take it anymore. I'm on such a low calorie intake that I'm not supposed to exercise, but I had to at least do something. So I decided to go for an easy mile run. I left munchkin with Nana and told her I'd be back in 2o minutes. I figured having not run in over 3 months, and having been on a very low calorie diet for so long that I'd probably not be able to run very far and I'd have to just walk most of the way.

I got in the car and set the trip odometer. I went a mile, taking careful notice of where a half mile and three quarters of a mile were, so I'd be able to time myself.

I started out at a nice easy pace. Afterall, this was my first attempt back, so no rush. I was careful to pay attention to my body trying to focus more on my core than my arms and legs. I had my music going, but surprisingly, I wasn't really paying attention to it. I was focusing more on trying to run with proper form and just get back into the rythym of running.

I had fully intended to turn around at the half mile mark, but I felt pretty good, so I decided just to keep going. I was still running at an easy relaxed pace when I hit the 3/4 mile mark and decided to turn back, only because I knew how long it had been since I'd gone for a run. I made it back to the house and hit my stop watch. I couldn't believe my eyes. I'd gone a mile and a half in 15:18. That's a 10 minute mile!

To put this into perspective for you, when I ran my first 5K in July my mile pace was 13:31. I had wanted to break a 10 minute mile, but I couldn't even come close. Three weeks later in my second 5K my mile pace was slightly better, 13:07.

But even better than turning in a surprisingly fast time, was the fact that I felt so great at the end of it. I really think I could have gone two miles if I'd wanted to. Instead of feeling relief at the end and gratitude that my daily torture was finally over, I felt surprised that I had a desire to keep going. My foot didn't hurt at all, and when the run was over it wasn't throbbing or swelling or anything. For the first time EVER both of my feet felt fantastic! (Further proof that surgery was long overdue!) And although my breathing was somewhat labored and I definitely felt the effects of not having worked out in three months, I felt exhilarated.

In all my running before I forced myself through mile after mile. Slogging along, feeling like I was dragging my entire body.

I don't know if it was the fact that I was focusing on my core and my breathing or my form. Or the 22.6 lbs I've recently shed, but somehow today was different. I felt light, almost weightless at times. And although I could feel my muscles and my heart and lungs working, it didn't feel like I was dying.

Even now, several hours later I'm still in shock. And perhaps the most surprising fact of all is that I actually can't wait to go out and do it again tomorrow.