Saturday, May 15, 2010

Who knew I had great legs? Not me!

So I had a personal victory this morning. It wasn't when I got up to run a community sponsored 5K. It wasn't even when I turned in my fastest 5K time ever. (BTW there are no pictures to corroborate this because my cheering section arrived about 10 minutes after I crossed the line. It's okay though.) It wasn't when I ran into several people I knew who told me how great I looked and how impressed they were. (I didn't run that fast really, they were just being nice. OH! And Lindsay Wheeler says hi! This was her first ever 5K & she came in ahead of me. She did a great job! Skye you should call her when you're home.)

No my victory came when I decided to stop and go tanning on the way home. The girls at the tanning place all know that I run, so when they saw me come in all decked out in running gear, of course we started talking about it. Then came the sentence I almost didn't believe. One of them sighed and said, "I should start running again. I used to run in high school, but I haven't in a long time. But I want legs like yours. You have great legs. Maybe I'll go running tonight."

I almost laughed out loud. I have never EVER in my entire life been complimented on my legs. When you're the short curvy one one in a family of leggy (Jesse, Cami, Hillary) and thin (Shiloh & Skye) beauties, your legs aren't the ones that get noticed. Other parts of the anatomy may get lots of comments but not your legs. And even compared to most women, my legs aren't much to brag about. Still after my 2 second mental celebration I did my best to graciously thank her for the compliment and then basked silently in the glory that I was, for that moment, the girl with the great legs. (Then of course came that group of chatty teenagers with their dewey, youthful skin, perfect figures and wrinkle free complexions and totally stole my thunder.) But that's okay, for one moment, I was a woman with "great legs." Which leads me to think that I must be doing something right.

So for now I'll stick with running, because apparently it's sort of working.


Angela said...

Nice! What a fun compliment!

Hillary and Jake said...

I have never been complimented on my legs, so props to you! I have tried to get leg compliments but I either get the "nice butt" or the weird person who asks how many scars I have on my legs.

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Congrat's on your personal best! What fun getting a compliment on your legs! Good for you!

Hey, my WV sounds like an airport in Amsterdam.... aeschipl

Guffey Family said...

I say that Ryan should post pictures of your legs. I'm sure that Jib Jab has something along those lines?