Friday, May 28, 2010

Should I tell? Or Shouldn't I?

Well it seems that miracles will never cease. Not only are we going to be blessed with a baby girl in four months, but we've actually been able to agree on a name. And as I type this, I honestly don't know if I'm going to post the name or not. I've been agonizing over it for a week. It's not that I fear people's comments, because frankly I think it's a darling name and nothing's going to change my mind.

It's odd really because we've still got so much time left, and frankly I didn't think we'd ever agree. We've been discussing names ever since we found out about this baby. Boys names were no problem, we've had a short list of those for the last two years. But girls' names were not so easy. We just have extremely different taste. So it seemed we were never in the same ball park. For a couple of months we've tossed names back and forth. Neither of us really fond of anything the other came up with. We decided to table the discussion until we knew the gender of the baby because we really weren't getting anywhere.

Last Thursday when we got the news, we resumed our conversation. Truthfully, I figured we were in for a long four months of bargaining and pleading and vetoing one another's suggestions.

And then it hit us. Both of us. At the same moment. We were flipping through the baby name book, mostly mocking many of the suggestions in it, when one particular name kind of jumped out at me. I said it out loud. Travis smiled huge and said, "Yeah, I think I'd be okay with that." What followed was probably 20 solid minutes of "Are you serious, you really like it, because I do," and "Yes, I really like it, it's pretty cute," and so on and so forth.

I was so excited I couldn't sleep that night. The more the name ran through my head, the more perfect it seemed. I just knew that this was the name for our little girl. It's kind of ironic really because I used to make fun of people who named their kids while still in the womb. But if you've followed my blog at all, you'll know I had a similar experience with Gideon. It just came to us that this is what he was supposed to be called. There was never any question in our minds that's what his name should be.

And here we are again. I know it seems ridiculous to think that we know her name four months before she's even here, but we do. And we both absolutely love it and can't wait to meet her!

The funny thing about it, was that the name wasn't on either of our lists. Neither of us had ever even considered it. It literally came out of nowhere. And now that we know, I'm both thrilled and nervous. I'm excited on the one hand because the name is perfect and I love it so much, but I'm also a little scared because I'm afraid that if I tell too many people someone else might use it. I know that's completely selfish because it really doesn't matter what other people name their kids, I guess jealousy and posessiveness are just part of being human. (Travis says I can post the name if I make a threat that we'll hunt down anyone who steals the name. He's apparently a little possesive of it too.)

Okay I've been staring at this screen for nearly half an hour. I'm so excited I just can't stand it anymore. Our baby girl, when she gets here, will be Parker Holland Storer. If you love it, let me know, if you don't, you should know I really don't care. Because Gideon and Parker, those are my kids. I just know it.


Jacob and Cami said...

I love it! And can't wait to meet her.

Andrea (Annie) said...

Two thumbs up! It is perfect!

Matt Jama and Quinn said...

Beautiful!. Matt was just telling me the other day that if you had a girl you wanted to name her Holland. I love that you are still using that as the middle name. And Parker is such a sweet name as well. We are so excited for you.

Lombardo Family said...

Super cute Cali. Love the Holland part especially. There was a guy in my last ward who served his mission in the NEtherlands and they named their first daughter Holland. So cute!

Mike and Ashley said... I was so going to be upset if you didn't post the name after all that! So glad you guys could find a name that fits! I love your second to last line..."Gideon and Parker, those are my kids!!!" So awesome! Can't wait for her!

Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

Love it! I never though of Parker as a girl's name, but it totally fits! My favorite is this line: "you should know I really don't care". That's kinda how I felt when I told people I wanted to name one of my daughters Jennings. Of course the people who criticized it didn't know it was a family name.
PS - The same threat applies, if someone else uses it I'll kill them.

Brenley said...

TOTALLY LOVE IT! Sounds perfect in every way! I am so excited for you.

leschornmom said...

So I wrote you abig long comment on the post about Gideon's mouth. I have no I dea how I ended up on that post but what ever...
I am SO HAPPY for you! I just can't say enough.
I was wondering though, does "B" follow your blog? How did she know that she aproved of the way you're raising Gideon?
Good luck sweety and I love the name! Not that it matters! LOL!!
By the way... How is Gideon's mouth?

Jennie said...

LOVE IT! Especially the Holland part... :)