Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some special Thanks!

Not to embarrass anyone but I have a few people I want to mention who helped make our Thanksgiving weekend even better! Of course it was a super special weekend for us anyway. We were able to be sealed to our Princess Parker for time and all eternity and then have her blessed in church on Sunday. She was so pretty in all her white. And Gideon couldn't have been more handsome! So first a big shout out to Donna who made not only Parker's gorgeous dress, but Gideon's suit! (Not to mention a bonnet, burp cloth and bib as well!) To everyone who came to the events of the weekend, it was so special to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends and family members. It was neat to have B.'s parents there as well. What a special family they are! We felt so loved! An especially big hug of thanks to those who traveled so far to be here. James & JeNae for driving through the snow! I was so happy you could be here. And to Pope who not only flew in from Toronto for the weekend, but also did me a great favor by taking over the food preparations for our luncheon. The food was so great and I can never thank her enough for all of her hard work. Plus it was so fun having her here for the entire weekend. And our dear friends Sam & Sara for helping in the kitchen and then taking all of the amazing photos you see here on this post! Anyway we feel so blessed to have such great friends. And even more blessed to have these two beautiful babies in our family forever and ever.


Lombardo Family said...

Oh Cali, she is so beautiful. So sorry we weren't able to be there. What a wonderful day for your family.

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

I Love the picture of Willard and Parker! Adorable. Two months old and Grandpa is completely wrapped around her finger!

Stephanie H. said...

Beautiful pictures!