Monday, January 3, 2011

Am I the only one freaked out about this?

Do you know what this is? It's a map of my second leg in this weekend's Ragnar. 8.5 miles through the southern Everglades. I have to sign an additional waiver against animal attack. Plus there are special instructions to exit all vehicles carefully on the left side, and no one but the runner is to be out of the vehicle during this leg. There's also strong caution against having any food or drink outside of the vehicle during this leg to avoid attracting animals. You know during the last Ragnar I ran they warned of possible animal interaction. Those are typical for this area, Moose, Deer, Elk, Bear, Wolf, whatever. I wasn't at all nervous about that. But in southern Florida, possible interaction with wildlife means one thing. Alligators!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, GATORS!!!!! I'm already losing sleep over this. I'm going to get eaten by a gator next weekend and no one even cares!!!! Instead, my family is torturing me and my husband is laughing about it! Yeah, they'll all be laughing next weekend when Trav ends up a single parent and my family no longer has an oldest daughter. Oh my gosh! Is it too late to switch routes with someone? Shiloh? Jason? Cami? Come on, don't let me be gator bait!


Jacob and Cami said...

hahahahaha!!!! did you know that gators can run up to 30 mph? (in short spurts of course) You only have to be faster than the runner next to you!

leschornmom said...

Cali, You are amazing! I only wish I had your energy! Sure, running in the spring summer and fall sounds fun. I'd probablly get a lot out of it! But... in the winter? No thank you! I don't even go out to check on the animals on most winter days.It's too cold!!! LOL!!
Glad you survived all the gators! The chilling thing is not all the ones you could hear amd see, but the ones that you COULDN'T hear and see. Trust me there were plenty out there too! LOL!

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

They don't like the taste of Frozen Northerners or Puke. You survived just fine!