Saturday, January 29, 2011

And again...

You know that saying "Life isn't about weathering the storm, but rather learning to dance in the rain." For some reason I really feel like that applies to me lately. It's just been one thing after another lately, but please don't think I'm complaining. In fact, it all seems kind of comical if you ask me. Travis being laid off has really been a blessing in disguise this last week and a half. With Gideon so sick I've been grateful to have extra help around the house. And even more so when Parker started getting sick on Thursday.

So once again we find ourselves at the hospital with one of our sweet babies. We took Parker to the doctor yesterday morning because she had a terrible cough and was having trouble breathing. They diagnosed her with RSV, gave her a breathing treatment and sent her home with strict instructions to us on what to watch for. By 8:30 last night it was clear to us that her condition was worsening. So we brought her to the ER. They gave her another breathing treatment and said they wanted to observe her for a while before sending us home. After an hour they moved us from ambulatory over to triage just to "keep a closer watch" on her since she seemed to be getting no better. Another hour passed and they informed us that she was "just having to work too hard" to get air, so they wanted to keep her over night. By the time they got us up to Pediatrics it was around midnight and her condition had deteriorated to the point that they decided she needed oxygen.

Despite being beat up on, and not feeling well and hating the tubes in her nose, she's been in a pretty good mood about the whole thing.

It was yet another sleepless night in a fold out chair for me, but with the oxygen Parker got a few hours of uninterrupted rest, which was good.
And this morning when the doctor came by, he informed us that her condition was still pretty bad and so it's going to be a couple of days before we get to come home.

Grandma Cindy came up and visited as well as Aunt Jesse. And we're expecting a visit from Nana and grandpa sometime this afternoon. Gideon is being shuttled between grandparents houses for the next couple of days and with any luck, we'll get to home maybe by Monday.

In the meantime, we're just hanging out at the hospital, watching movies and using the free wireless internet. It's not so bad. But to be honest, I'd rather not spend next weekend here. Let's just go to a movie instead.


Ron and Jessica said...

Oh man! This is why we're not letting Zachary go to nursery for the next two months...still I know they can get it anyway. Hope you get out of there soon!

Lombardo Family said...

You poor things all of you! However, Parker sure looks cute even with all those tubes in her nose. Now, how lucky is that? Sure hope everyone gets feeling better very soon.

mike and dru said...

You have such a sweet family! Parker is cute as can be - even when ill. Hugs and kisses! - Dru