Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Christening of My New Carpet

The carpet is in and we've finally dug out from underneath the rubble that was our house. The kids' rooms got done on Thursday, the upstairs on Friday and he came back in Saturday to finish the stairs. We're very pleased so far with the carpet we chose and with the job he did installing it. (Plug, if anyone in the area needs carpet I have an awesome carpet guy!) Anyway it took us longer to put the house back together than it did to tear the thing apart because we actually took the time to go through things and we ended up doing some deep spring cleaning. It's a very cathartic experience to get rid of unecessary stuff just cluttering up your house. Anyway, here's Parker's room. We've got white curtain rods and pink curtains to hang and then of course the ceiling fan, which will make it a little bit more feminine. Gid-the-kid's room is exactly the same, just with carpet.
We chose a sandy color for the downstairs.
And something with just a touch more brown for the upstairs.
Our room is the only one that got a major rearrangement overhaul mainly because we FINALLY got rid of the massive water bed frame Travis swore when we got married he'd never part with. I couldn't be happier! Finally you can walk through our room and it's arranged in a way that makes sense. One of these years I'll own matching bedroom furniture (that's the dream anyway) but for now my in-laws were kind enough to loan us an extra bed frame they had downstairs. It works! All I need now is a bed skirt!

And today the carpet got christened. 4 days. We've had carpet in the bedrooms for exactly 4 days. And today the new carpet smell is offically gone and replaced by....
Baby Powder!
So for the last while I've kept the powder, wipes, diaper rash cream, etc down low because honestly Gideon hasn't messed with that stuff in ages. Today I had the boys and late this afternoon I was downstairs rocking Princess P (who was super fussy today for some reason) trying to get her to take a nap. I heard the boys running around in the bedrooms, giggling. They play great together so I didn't think anything of it. I heard them shut a bedroom door, but honestly I was so caught up in my baby girl it didn't even trigger a red flag. Until I went upstairs and found Gavin with the baby powder and Gideon with the Desitin. Apparently they were coating poor Isaac (and each other) in whatever they could get their hands on.
Gavin somehow ended up cleaner than the rest. I'm not going to say he was the ringleader because I don't think there was an innocent party in the bunch, but he did somehow escape the fate of his brother.
I stuck Isaac in the bath and changed the other boys' clothes while Parker screamed from her seat downstairs.

And then Travis got stuck with job of having to vacuum the whole mess up. It was harder than you might think because with every pass of the vacuum a cloud of dust went up and the boys were running around dragging it everywhere.

I'd be upset, but I'm too fried to worry about it at the moment.


Jacob and Cami said...

Well it was bound to happen, all clean things must end. Poor Isaac looks like a ghost!

Jacob and Cami said...
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Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

I love it!!! I would say "Boys will be boys" but I had girls do the same things.(Cami and Hillary)

Jessica said...

That's too funny!! I think there must be a carpet curse. We cleaned our carpets last weekend and yesterday Bransen had 2 accidents in his underwear and Bella had 1 (which was my fault or closing her doggie door.) So be grateful your carpet smells like baby powder instead of urine! LOL!

Mike and Ashley said...

I LOVE the smell of baby powder...so I'm glad it was that instead of something else! With 4 small and fun kiddos it was bound to happen!!! You'll look back and laugh one day! :)

Giovanni Benedict said...

Great choice of carpet! :D It wasn’t just the color, but the type of the carpet as well. I liked how it gives an effect to your staircase. It’s as if your stairs is covered with sand in a brilliant way. Hehe! It was nicely done!

Giovanni Benedict