Monday, May 23, 2011

Helping Daddy

Daddy had lots of help in the flower beds today... I'm not even sure what all they were doing, but both kids were happy to help.

Sidebar: Gideon's in this new phase where he tells me, "Mommy I'm camping out." And he drags his tent & stuff into the yard and pretends to sleep in it.

The neighbor came & tried to help them figure out how to fix the light post.

And one final note, Princess P is officially crawling now. She's kind of slow, but she definitely gets where she needs to go.

As for these photos, there are very few times when both Trav and I are dressed nicely and have someone around to snap a picture.

Unfortunately we were dressed up today because Trav's aunt passed away on Friday and today we had her service and family luncheon to attend. My mom stayed with the kids and then I got in trouble with all of the relatives for not bringing them. Oh well, you can't win them all right?

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The Fighting Tortugas said...

Maybe next time we come, Jonas, Preston, Adam, Gideon, and who ever else wants to, can camp out in the back yard.