Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Precious Faces

This morning started with a mishap. Parker & Gideon woke up way too early this morning. Gideon is fairly easy to please, I got his breakfast & turned on some cartoons and left him to his own devices. I got the baby a bottle and put her in bed with us because we were too tired. Anyway she fell back asleep and when Trav & I got up I put pillows on either side thinking that would keep her safe. Long story short I didn't hear her wake up even when I was listening and there was a loud crash and lots of screaming. Parker had rolled off our bed. You can't see it very well in this photo, but her poor cheek is cut & bruised. I feel like such a terrible mother! She's been fine the rest of the day though. She's recovered more quickly than I have.

Tonight I was too lazy to cook so we went to Applebee's for kids' night. Free face painting and .99 Cent kids' meals. It's a win-win.

As you can see, Gideon decided to go with Spiderman.

That's our friend Emily her family came with us. We had a great fun, ate well and came home with tired kids! Win-win-win!


Jessica said...

If that's a first child falling off the bed for you, you're a great mommy! Both of my boys have fallen off of my bed. Accidents happen.
Kids night looks like da-bomb! No cooking AND face painting?! Awesome!
Congrats to Gideon for filling in his potty chart! We're still working on Bransen. He's pretty good at going potty, it's the #2 that he doesn't like to do on the toilet. Davy was like that too, so I guess we'll just keep working on it. *sigh*

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

I heard he was disappointed this morning when He woke up and Spidermask was gone. Lesson: When you take a bath and wash your face you usually get clean. :-)

OH... Parker will be fine. You rolled over for the first time at 3 months. Why? for the express purpose to scare me to death. I had laid you on a table for a moment in the basement of the church and you landed on the cement floor. I almost fainted.I was a lot worse off than you! You didn't roll over again for 3 more months.