Thursday, October 27, 2011

We made it!!!!

I've been up forever. Or at least that's what it feels like. I was too excited to get much sleep the night before we left and then we had to be up at 3am anyway so that always makes me nervous. Still I think you'd have to call our trip thus far a succes. Both kids did great on the flights. They got a little restless and at times slightly fussy. But they weren't loud or screaming or crying or anything and really both of them slept some so it worked out well. Upon our arrival Grandma Cindy met us at the airport with flower leis that smelled like heaven! Both kids seemed to enjoy them.

We picked up the rental car and headed for Skye & Ryan's house. Speaking of our hosts, they're in the hospital as I type this trying to have a baby. On the afternoon of Tuesday the 25th they decided to get her started because they're worried about the baby's slow heartbeat. We're now 30+ hours in and no baby yet. They say she's having great contractions and progressing but painfully slowly. So mom came over from the hospital & picked us up.

The first thing we did once we got to their place was throw on bathing suits and head for the beach. It's just a short walk and even quicker when you cut across the church parking lot.

Gideon was a maniac. Once he spied the water he took off. And then kept yelling at us to hurry up.

I swear that boy is part fish. He LOVES playing in the water and especially playing in the waves and the sand. It's very cute and I know its going to make this trip a lot smoother knowing he's so easy to entertain.

Travis was being a wuss and complaining that it was so much colder than Guam. Really it wasn't bad at all once you got in it felt pretty good!

Parker, however, did not really care for the experience. She didn't like the feel of the sand on her hands or feet, she didn't like the water and she especially didn't like her hat.

Yes, I was there too and there are some photos of me. Including one of Travis trying to drown me. (He did managed to dunk me but I put up a good fight.) But that photo actually looks like we're trying to do something a little naughty when you don't know the story, so I don't think I'll post it just yet.


Jacob and Cami said...

Hooray for vacations and new babaies!

Monk Family said...

How fun!! Sounds like you have lots of great memories ahead this week!