Saturday, December 24, 2011

How do you spend Christmas Eve?

So I'll confess that I'm always a little bit lost at Christmas time without my mom around. Since her birthday is Christmas Eve our holiday always started on Christmas Eve when I was growing up. Even as an adult, when my family is near we always get together for birthday and caroling and we know we'll each get to open at least one present that night. But when I'm 2500 miles from my mom I'm never sure what to do with myself on Christmas Eve. It's just kind of weird. I have to look for ways to keep myself busy.

So today I baked and went running. When I asked Gideon what type of cookies he'd like to leave for Santa he emphatically answered "Baseball cookies." Since I had no idea what that is, I had to improvise.

While I was working on the food, Gideon "helped" by cutting out play-doh cookies on my freshly mopped kitchen floor.

Then when daddy came home we had a pretty epic nerf gun battle with the prize Gideon won at Cub Scouts the other day.

After that I ran 5 miles, although since it's so cold I totally wussed out and did it on the treadmill. Oh well, it still counts. And then I made this cute wreath which we took over and shared with my in-laws for dinner. It's a chicken-salad type of filling and actually turned out quite yummy.

After dinner, we came home to find that uncle Cody (who arrived late last night) had been to our house and left a friend. Gideon is ecstatic to have the Grinch in our front yard!

And then it was time for new Christmas pj's and cookies for Santa.

Baseball cookies. Aren't I clever?!?!?!?!?!?! Thank goodness for white icing and pull-apart twizzlers!

Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!! And Happy Birthday mom!


Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

Baseball cookies? Your kids are weird! Lol. I want to spend time with your family when I haven't just been through 40 hours of labor. Merry Christmas!

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

I love it! And thanks for the Birthday wishes! I miss all of you on my birthday too.