Monday, December 26, 2011


Why yes. Yes we are. Especially me! (Although the kids and Travis were pretty well taken care of too.)

Santa doesn't wrap the presents he leaves at our house. I think he's too lazy. Either that or he knows that mom & daddy would rather have them unwrapped so the kids can play with them until we're ready to get up and going. The rule at our house is you can play with the Santa stuff (so gifts and stockings) but no opening presents until we're all there and daddy says so.

So a zoo for Parker and a car for Gideon.

And of course, overstuffed stockings.

I actually beat my children out of bed. Not really sure why. I slept great for about 4 hours but then woke up at 4:45 am and couldn't get back to sleep. So I tossed and turned for about an hour before finally giving up and getting out of bed. It worked out well though, I was able to get myself ready for church (well not getting dressed or anything just hair and make-up) and start working on some of the food for that evening.

Gideon was up just after 7 and wasted no time finding his new remote control Finn McMissile car. It not only drives well, but shoots missiles. The poor cat has been in hiding ever since he became a target!

And then he grabbed his stocking to see what fun and exciting surprises were hidden there.

There, now that's the way to empty a stocking.

He was so desperate to show daddy his new stuff, he couldn't even wait for him to get out of bed. Instead he ran upstairs, flipped on the light and shot missiles at his face until he got up.

Parker has been equally as happy with her little zoo.

And Trav got a kick out of the little light sabre filled with candy as well as the "pooping" Darth Vader Santa found at Wal-Mart.

Parker wasted no time trying to break into the candy.

Finally presents!!!!

Can you tell he's disappointed that it's just new church clothes?

As for me, I told you I was spoiled. Between my husband and in-laws I got everything I asked for. A new phone, 2 pair of boots and some skinny jeans. As well as a few surprises like jewelry, perfume and a night at a luxury B&B. (Which we've decided we're using on New Year's Eve and have already made the reservations! YAY!) I'm all about getting "practical" gifts that I'll actually use, but to me that stuff is all practical because I will use it! I don't mind getting spoiled at all.

Trav got some nice things he seemed excited about as well.

Parker for her part didn't seem to have a favorite. She was just excited because we were all excited I think.

It was a little early for this tired girl.

I got a nice set of blue topaz jewelry from my husband. That's one gemstone I didn't have any of, so I really was happy to get it.

Parker was pretty good about eating most of her eggs but Gideon by this time had already had several bites of a chocolate Santa, an ear off his marshmallow Yoda and lots of candy cane, so he wouldn't eat anything.

So funny story. I have no idea why but ever since he saw a commercial for it months ago Gideon has been BEGGING for a "Happy Napper." I didn't get what the big deal was since it's essentially just another stuffed toy, but he would go NUTS every time we saw one anywhere. And he was very specific that he needed the dragon. We even had a meltdown in Walgreens one day when I wouldn't buy it for him. (That was when he told a complete stranger that daddy was going to come home and kick mommy in the butt for not buying his toy.)

Lo and behold guess what he found wrapped up under the tree!?!?!?!?!? A dragon Happy Napper. As a bonus, Parker got the Lady Bug Happy Napper and he's enjoyed playing with both. They're actually cuter than I originally thought. They sort of remind me of the old Popple toys they had when I was a kid. Each animal comes with a house attached to it's back (in this case the dragon comes with a castle) but the house zips up inside them when they're "playing" or you can zip the animal up in the house when it's "napping."

I asked Travis to get a nice picture of us ready for church and he managed to cut my head off. Again. Thanks babe. But at least you can see the kids in their nice new church clothes. Getting them there was kind of a challenge. Gideon did NOT want to quit playing with his new stuff long enough to get dressed or go to church. But I'm a mean mom so he didn't really have a choice in the matter.

After church we went to Nana's house where we discovered there were more presents and surprises from Santa Claus.

After leaving their house in complete disarray, we came back home to get ready for dinner. The in-laws came over as well as Jesse, Kelly & Cody and they all got to open a few gifts before we were ready to eat. Cody thought he'd be cute and model his new compression shorts for us. I'm just glad he did it over his pants instead of under!

I didn't manage to get any pictures of our dinner, but it turned out quite lovely and absolutely delicious. Travis smoked a beef brisket and in addition to that we had twice baked potatoes, deviled eggs, garlic green bean casserole, brussel sprouts in a bacon cream sauce, rolls and for dessert my famouse cheesecake trifle.

Uncle Cody brought the Grinch down from grandma's house for Gideon. he was ecstatic!

Jesse and I didn't mean to dress like twins, it just kind of happened that way.

Parker is something else let me tell you! She thinks she's as big as anyone in the room and if you can do something she can too!

Like carry the tin of popcorn around. Anyway it was a great holiday and we feel very blessed. Despite all the gifts and food and material pleasures we enjoyed, we're most grateful of course for the birth of our Savior and his subsequent sacrifice which allows us to be a family forever. And that's really the most important thing anyway.


Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

What a wonderful Christmas Day! I missed you and can't wait to see you all in January!

Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

What a happy time! Thanks for posting so many pictures. I want to shoot Travis in the face with missiles. Can I have a turn?

Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

And why the h-e-double hockey sticks are all y'all in t-shirts? There's snow on the ground for crying out loud!