Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Day at the Zoo

So this morning my dear friend Sara called and asked if we wanted to go to the zoo with she and her boys, Lincoln and Levi.  Since the only thing on our agenda today was cleaning house, we decided we could put that off a little longer and go have fun instead.

 (See Sara, isn't she so cute with her boys!)  Anyway we had a great time, the weather was awesome! We packed a picnic and had lunch there.

 Parker's little dress used to be one of Travis's Aloha shirts from Hawaii.  Cute huh? Thank you Aunt Mimi for being so talented!

 All of our cute kiddos, Parker, Gideon, Lincoln & Levi.

After the zoo, we went over to the playground for a few minutes.  We actually ran into another friend I haven't seen in a long time so that was really fun.  Now we're all tired and worn out, so the housework still isn't getting done.  Oh well.  There's always tomorrow!  And if I've learned anything it's that the mess isn't going anywhere.

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Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

What a fun, fun Day. I can't believe how big Gideon and Parker are getting. And I haven't seen Lincoln and Levi in a year... WOW! They have grown.