Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pumpkins and Wrestling

 Our annual trip to the pumpkin patch yielded only two photos since I forgot to take the camera with me.  But it was still a successful trip.  We rode the train, made it through the straw maze, and came away with four lovely pumpkins.  We carved two of them last night and we'll take pictures once we get the other two carved.
 Today was Gideon's first competitive wrestling match ever.  It was a tournament at Idaho Falls high school.
 I'm not sure why he was laying on the mat (that's Gideon in the orange shirt and navy shorts.  Anyway he's so funny because he would run laps and laps and then lie down and then get up and run more laps.

 I got tapped to keep stats at one of the tables, so this is the only one of Gideon's matches that I even got to watch.  But I'm glad I got to see this one, it's the one he won.  It was close for a while, but then Gideon got the kid on his back and started racking up the points. 

 Of course, Gideon has an advantage over most of these other kids.  He's actually got a super experienced coach in his uncle Cody.  And Uncle Cody was glad he came too, because he got to referee a little bit, which he loves.

In the end, Gideon took 4th place in his age/weight division.  Not bad considering this was his first competitive sporting event ever.  And it gave us a good gauge on what we need to work on.  Gideon knows what he needs to do and understands the sport, right now what we need to work on is his "attack."  He's a little timid and not very aggressive. But he'll get there.


Cindy Cunningham said...

It's hard to want to be aggressive when you've been told NO! every time you aggressively picked on your sister. (Or you smacked heads the first time you really tried it in a match.) How's his head?

Hillary and Jake said...

Great job little buddy!

ryan lowry said...

So much fun! Congratulations Gideon! I'm glad Uncle Cody got to ref too.