Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

 We had a good, if quiet Christmas.  As all of my family was basically far away, Travis and I spent it with his parents.  This actually worked out to be a good idea since I got hit with the flu two days before Christmas and was completely out of commission for a while.  By Christmas day I was at least vertical due to the aid of heavy duty drugs, but hey, at least I was there. 

 We continued the family tradition of letting the kids open on present each on Christmas Eve.  In this case it was the gift they had chosen for each other.  Parker was particularly impressed with the "Sofia the First" amulet that Gideon picked out for her.  And yes, he picked it out himself and was insistent that she needed it.

 Christmas morning started with stockings at like 6:30 after I spent most of the night sitting up on the couch holding Parker who had a bad cough.  But hey, we were all together and we got to attack that pile of presents so everyone was happy.

Three days later, we're still having fun playing with all of our new toys, even us adults.  I got a new laptop and camera in addition to the treadmill that came the week before, so it was a very successful Christmas for everyone.  Anyway hope yours was happy, healthy and blessed as ours was.

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