Monday, March 10, 2014

All Because of a Wedding

I love my family. And it kind of sucks that we're all so spread out because we hardly ever get the opportunity all be together.  So when opportunities arise to get several of us in the same geographical area, we jump on those chances. 
This time the chance was the wedding of Amelia Guffey. For those who might not know the history, Amelia is the youngest sister of two of my brothers-in-law (because Shiloh and Cami married brothers, Jason & Jacob.)  So as it turned out, six of the seven of my siblings were able to make it. 
Once again we stayed at the Hampton Inn because they have a pool (and free breakfast) but as far as my kids are concerned, we were mostly there for the pool.

Gideon's pretty good as long as he has some floaties, he'll go all over the pool by himself.
Ransom, Lily and Gage finally showed up to swim with us.

Attack Uncle BoBo in the hot tub!!!!!

 And here's the happy couple!  The ceremony was lovely and beautiful and they were so very happy coming out of the temple to a gorgeous spring morning.
The reception was lovely.  My kids loved it because they served breakfast food, which for them meant yogurt parfaits and waffles with any number of toppings.

Tyree and Parker really are the best of friends.  Parker asks to play with Tyree at least a dozen times a day.  They are peas in a pod.
Shiloh and Jason Skype with their kids.
And then take the kids to Aunt Kiki and Nana and Poppa standing in the receiving line.
Jesse said she got to back for seconds because that's a pregnant lady's privilege.
Photo Booth!

Yep that's my Gideon under that get up.
I love visiting with my family!
I'm not sure what Jason, Gideon and Ransom were laughing about, but apparently it was really, really funny.
I'm sorry this one is blurry, but the cake turned out really cute. The layers were carrot and red velvet.
One of the down sides of being pregnant Jesse walked over and said, "How long have I been walking around with butter on my boot?" Oh the joys of not being able to see your own feet.
Not sure about Hillary's expression here but they look so cute anyway.
My personal kryptonite are grandma Peggy's cream cheese mints.
Jacob, Lily and Ransom employ the photo booth.
Daddy/Daughter Dance
Oh goodness Tyree and Parker couldn't wait to get out there and dance! It was adorable!
Okay so all we wanted was to get a decent picture of the six of us together, but we couldn't stop laughing.  We literally laughed until we cried (and in some cases almost wet ourselves.)
Yes, this is awkward.  We had this great idea that we were going to do a "train" picture to show off Jesse's pregnant belly, but really it just looks like we all have to pee.  Or we're trying to keep Jesse from peeing, I'm not sure which.
Yay we got one!
And that was our Saturday!


Kelly and Jesse said...

For the record the pregnant lady is not the one who was going to pee her pants. I was perfectly fine. It was so much fun, and way to short of a visit.

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Have you ever seen that sight for "Bad Family Photos"? I think you guys have a winner. Haha!

I love that Tyree Sheds her shoes and socks. She and Parker look so cute together.