Friday, July 3, 2009

For Travis, As Promised

Travis's favorite place in the entire world is the family cabin up above Palisades resivoir near the Wyoming state line. Since we go there for a lot of holidays and weekends, I promised I'd send a lot of pictures. We went up this afternoon, but I came back down to the valley for the night since I have to be up super in the morning to go and run. After the race I'll go back for the remainder of the holiday weekend.

Gideon was so very excited to be there he wanted to help with everything including stacking the kindling.
View from the porch.

He even helped Nana vaccuum.

And he loved the hammock!

He wanted to help chop firewood and was quite upset when grandpa wouldn't let him.

It started raining up there this afternoon. But I actually kind of love it when it rains up there. (As long as it's not cold, windy, snowing or hailing that is. Memorial weekend 06 was MISERABLE!)

This is the highest I've seen the resivoir since 1997. That was the year it was overfull and even with all the flood gates opened, they still worried the dam might crack. We had such a flood down in the valley that it washed out our road and we had to up to Rexburg and all the way down the highway just to get back to Idaho Falls.

I don't have any pictures, but even Big Elk is full. It's been bone dry the last few years.

I love it up at the cabin. It's so quiet and away from civilization (even though it's really only a hour from home.) We just spend time reading or playing cards. Sitting on the porch letting the world go by. It's amazing!

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