Sunday, July 19, 2009

So Smart it's Scary!

Seriously, the munchkin learns so much everyday now that it's almost frightening! He knows so much now that I can't even remember everything he's learned lately. Like how to pour cereal into a bowl. To wipe his hands and face after a meal. To throw away trash in the garbage can. (Of course he needs a little help with that one since we still have the "child safety latches" on the cabinets. But that doesn't stop him from trying to squeeze stuff through the doors until mom can get there to open them.) He can open almost any container and loves to demonstrate this to anyone who will watch. He not only opens it, but then shows you how to put the lid back on. He loves to "help" in the kitchen and gets mad when you won't let him cook. He looks at books and "reads" out loud to himself and others. And of course, he has an ever growing vocabulary. In addition to the usual "mama" "Dada" etc. He says sooooo many words. "kitty" "juice" "Down" "up" "hi" "bye-bye" "night-night" "Come" "kiss" "here" etc, etc, etc. I could keep going, but I forget all of them.

I guess I didn't realize just how big and smart Gideon is until we watched Gavin on Friday. Gavin is 8 months old. In many ways he's a lot like Gideon. He's already pulling himself up on stuff, he crawls really fast and he's clearly very bright because he caught on to Gideon's basketball game right away. The two boys played very well together and were even on the same napping, eating, diapering schedule. Which meant that I managed to get a full hour of time to myself while they were both down for naps. Still, Gavin is only half Gideon's age. Gavin still seems like a baby. And next to Gavin, Gideon is definitely not a baby any more. He's very much a little man in a toddler's body.

I also noticed that Gideon doesn't want to be treated like a baby. He wanted to help with Gavin. He wanted to help feed him. Every time Gavin would lose his pacifier, Gideon was picking it up and shoving it back in his mouth. He wanted to pick out toys for Gavin and show him how to use them. He wanted to help carry stuff outside. He wanted Gavin to learn how to pet the kitty and be "gentle." (Also one of his new words.) He really thought he was a big kid next to the younger boy.

It was a great experience having Gavin over, but it also made me a little sad. I miss my baby. He's just not a baby anymore.

*Sigh* Okay I'll stop complaining at how fast my munchkin is growing. Yesterday Grampa brought over a new present for him.
Suffice it to say he LOVED it and screamed bloody muder when I finally took him out of it after half an hour. But it was bedtime. Fortunately, for the time being I'm still bigger & stronger than he is. (Although the day is fast approaching when I won't be. This kid is STRONG and he has an iron grip!)

Don't worry kiddo, the swing will still be there tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day...


Stephanie H. said...

Benjamin started speech therapy at 18 months, but wasn't really talking too much until he turned two. I kept track of all new words each week for the speech therapist and it was AMAZING how many new words each week they learn! They truly grow too quick. One of my favorite sayings about children is "The years are short, but the days are long" I think that sums up motherhood perfectly.

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

I miss him so much!

Ron and Jessica said...

It's sad our babies grow so quickly but fun to experience all the new things with them!