Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Latest Addiction

I often wonder why I take things to such extremes. Why can't I just be interested in something and let that be the end of it? But no. I tend to get obsessive about things. I mean you've all had to listen to my basketball rants and sit through my adoption posts, so you know how seriously I get involved in things.

It turns out that running is no different. I can't be content just to go out and start running. Oh no. I have to buy books on the subject, research techniques and go totally crazy about it. (I'm currently reading ChiRunning by Daniel Dreyer. It's incredible!)

And now that I've entered one race I can't help but consider entering more races.

This used to be my closet door. Now it's a bulletin board. All of those papers are information on the upcoming races I want to enter. I've pretty much planned my year according to race schedules. Most of them half marathons. Working toward the goal of a full marathon in December 2010 (hopefully!) A lot of them are regional races, although a few (like the Myrtle Beach) will give me an opportunity to travel. Still to my friends in Boise, Ogden & SLC, I'm planning on running races in your area within the next year, so I'll definitely be over for a visit. (If that's okay.) And eventually all of those papers will be replaced with Bib numbers. A living reminder of what I want to accomplish. Once 2010 is over, who knows. I'll probably keep running. After all, I haven't ever stopped watching Carolina basketball and I'll always have strong opinions on adoption. I know myself a little too well to think that this is just some phase.


The Clegg Family said...

Hey you know what-that's a good addiction (being healthy by running). I always wonder whether or not a 5k would be fun to run, but I've never liked running even though it's something I should be doing. Hey I guess we'll see after the baby comes. And if you come run a race here, we'll totally support you!

Stephanie H. said...

Keep up the posts and you just MIGHT make me try running for the first time in my life. Do you take Gideon in a stroller when you go?