Saturday, December 5, 2009

...And this was her worst performance ever!

So here's the thing, I kind of hate my sister Skye. Don't get me wrong. I think she's beautiful, talented and smart and that's kind of why I hate her.

You see it's just not fair. Let's leave aside the fact that she's moving to Hawaii in 3 1/2 weeks (although that in itself is reason enough to for jealousy) I think Skye was born to keep me humble. As a teenager when I had aspirations of being a lawyer, a 4 year old Skye could actually outmaneuver me in an argument. It got worse when she started reading. She quickly became smarter than me, so now I couldn't even be the smart one in the family. (And since I'm not the artistic one, the funny one, the pretty one, the musical one, the athletic one or the creative one, I've never really figured out where that left me.) Then there's the fact that she has the perfect petite figure that I so envy! But the main reason is because Skye was born with "The voice." She has perfect pitch and a vocal gift that honestly cannot be taught or acquired. It's sickening. She did her first public performance at age 5 in front of 2000 people. And the crowds and performances have only gotten better since then.

So today Skye had a recital up at the college for her voice class. Naturally I went up to support her. I wasn't sure how it would be since she managed to get the flu this week. She couldn't even talk yesterday and today she her voice was in a register lower than my husband's. Add to that she had major sinus infections, and an ear infection so bad that she actually has blisters on her ear drums. So technically she can barely hear.

But regardless of all of that she still came out and sang better deathly ill than most of us do at our very best. I've been to many, many of Skye's performances over the years and it pains me to tell you that this is Skye at the worst I've ever seen. And the only thing I can complain about is that her voice lacked it's usual power and she played with her skirt too much. Other wise, it was a perfect performance. (Okay except for the piano. I don't think the pianist had practiced quite enough. But Skye's performance was great. Just Listen.)


Now do you get why I hate her just a little. (And don't even get me started on that amazingly gorgeous retro gown she wore! Seriously! It's just not fair!)


Jacob and Cami said...

First of all I LOVE the dress!! Second, I heard your voice yesterday and could barely understand you. Third, You sounded Awesome. I'm jealous of your mad singing skills you nightengale you!

Cali and Travis said...

Welcome to jealousy-ville, Cami. Nice to know I'm not alone!

Chillygator said...

That was VERY beautiful!

The sad thing was after two notes on the piano I excitedly yelled, "STORYBOOK!" to my computer. What a fun song.

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

I wish I were there! Even if it is -0. When I talked to Skye on Friday she sounded so horrible and we have been praying for her ever since! WOW! She did great job for being so ill! Thanks for videoing it Cali, you are a wonderful daughter and sister! That was so thoughtful of you.

Ohh.... And when she told me she had to get a new dress for her recital I pictured on of those boring black shapeless things. Silly me!

WV- and I am not kidding.... "cantene". Almost like "Stage door cantene?"

Hillary and Jake said...

WHERE DID SHE GET THAT DRESS! I WANT IT. She did a great job, but your right not her best. She was still better than me at my best

Elaina said...

All I can say is she's her mother's girl!! Wish I can sing like all of you!! Gorgeous dress by the way and she did wonderfully. Couldn't sing like that if I was sick. Can't sing like that if I'm feeling good. Can sing but not like any of you.

Lombardo Family said...

Wow, that's just down right a gift. I have to say that if I could have asked for one gift before I came to this earth it would have been to sing beautifully. However, with that said, I do remember singing with you in Holland and, my dear, you too can sing!

Guffey Family said...

Dude totally not fair. The whole time I was listening and thinking "Skye sounds terrible, but if it was anyone else it would be considered really good." So I'm with you there in jealosy-ville, too bad it's a green eyed monster not a green island we're living with, but she gets the island too. And yes, the dress is amazing!

Juli said...

Wow, how in THE world did she pull that off so wonderfully while being so sick? She did awesome!