Saturday, April 3, 2010


Okay it's no secret that my team bombed out this year and didn't even come close to making the tournament. Given their absence I had picked Syracuse to win it all. But I really wasn't all that hurt when Butler defeated them. Actually I've grown quite fond of the Bulldogs and am thrilled to see them make it to the national title game.

A couple of little known facts, my grandma Peggy went to Butler way back in the day. Actually it was during WWII when most college athletics were suspended because most of the boys were fighting. Butler's campus was being used by the Army Air Corps for training and lodging some of their men. (Grandma said that made all of her sorority functions fun because there were plenty of "fly boys" to take to dances and things.) Butler was actually my second choice school. I made like 3 trips up there during my senior year. I really liked it a lot. The only down side that I could see was that it was way too close to home. (If I'd known my family would move to Idaho during the middle of my freshman year, I might have reconsidered and stayed a little bit closer to Shiloh who stayed in Brazil to finish high school. In hindsight, I almost wish that's what I had done. But that's a different story. And anyway I have dear friends from App. St. that I'm so glad to still have in my life.)

The only thing that could make today better would be if West Virginia were to beat Duke and end up in the final. Then again, it's me, so you know I've been cheering for every team who's gone against Duke in this tournament so far. That's not likely to change any time soon. Either way, I'm cheering for Butler on Monday night! GO BULLDOGS!!!!!