Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Clean-up

Until the weather turned nasty yesterday we've been taking advantage of the sunshine and trying to get our house, yard and garage cleaned up.

And yes, munchking has been a big help. He even has his own little lawn mower and follows daddy all over the yard with it.
On an unrelated note, they came and hauled off my old car yesterday. We decided that for the money it would be better just to buy a different car than put a whole new engine in my Sebring. It was a little bit sad. We've had that car since we bought it brand new 8 years ago and we never had a single problem with it. (Until last September of course when something ripped the oil pan off while we were cruising down I-15.) Still I suppose after 170,000 miles it had served it's purpose well enough. We were fortunate to have some good luck in the car hunt thanks to my sister Skye moving to Hawaii last winter. We were able to buy their Jeep Grand Cherokee, so at least we have a vehicle that runs and it's still in good condition. I never wanted an SUV of any type, in fact I've been adamant that it would be the last car I'd own. Another chapter in life I guess.


Jessica said...

Was that the Jeep that I saw parked outside of Jesse's house a week or so ago? I want a Jeep so freakin' bad! How about we trade? You can have my '01 Grand Prix! It's a great car but I miss having a Jeep! (Especially living up here!)

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

1st. - Travis doesn't look very tan for a buy who's been in Guam for 2 months. You'd think he had to work while he was there or somehting.

2nd. - Who is that big grown up looking boy pulling the wagon? Surely that's not my little Gideon!
Time for Grandma Cindy to come home!

3rd. - I do miss your yard. It is so nice. We need to have big parties in it this summer!

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

I meant guy, not buy. It's that ol' three finger curse again.