Sunday, June 13, 2010

Because We're so Bodacious!

So it's confession time. Of all 70-something relay teams entered in the marathon relay yesterday, Team Bodacity finished dead last. However, the point, was that we finished and we did it together. Even though most of my sisters aren't runners (or at least weren't before this little excursion) they still showed up and put in their miles. And even though it took us a while, we still did it and I can promise you, we had the best time of anyone out there! (Just ask the dozens of participants and spectators who heard us cheering and got the benefits of our giant foam finger!) I think we were probably the happiest, craziest most fun bunch out there yesterday.

So forget the official finisher's medals! We decided that Team Bodacity needed it's own awards ceremony!
OH but first, I know there aren't pictures to prove it, but Travis really was there, and he really did come out to support us! See!

Cami during her interpretive recreation of mom's one legged dance while singing "Running Queen" and "All Monkeys have love inside." (It looked more like she needed the porta potty or a rain dance, but the runners who saw it felt the good vibes anyway!)

Jesse got the "I only almost puked" award and an honorable mention for giving the most people "The Finger" along the route.

Shiloh ended up with the "Hooray! Six hours with no kids!" award as well as an honorable mention for getting up the earliest to run the first leg!

I didn't get pictures of everyone individually, but since I know that you're all dying to hear our other awards here they are:
Cami received "Best use of Headgear" during the race. She was definitely the most stylish in all her pink.
Hillary got an award titled "Will do Roadside tricks for tips" as well as a mention for tackling the hills! Well really it was one continuous hill for 3 miles, but who's counting?
And Skye got "Cutest 'Commercial' butt" (ask Hillary, she'll explain.) Plus we gave her a special shout out for running on a twisted ankle.
Anyway, it was an appropriate end to such a fun adventure. And we ended the evening the only way we could. With Ice Cream Sundaes. And they were good! Weren't they, Ransom?


Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

Wish I could of been there.

Jessica said...

No one will contest that y'all (while proof reading my comment I had to change "you all" into y'all especially for y'all!) were the craziest most fun bunch out there! I ALMOST would like to do this next year with my sisters. ALMOST.
I love the paper plate awards, good girls camp memories. Congrats to every single one of you!!!!

Cali and Travis said...

Jess you totally should do it with us! HECK, Shiloh will probably be pregnant again by that time, so we'll need a surrogate sister to take her place! And if you do it I'm sure we could talk Jesse into suffering through it again. (As long as we don't give her leg five, which we learned was almost entirely uphill I think she'd be game!)

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

My girls definately had the most fun and should have won the "Best Looking" Team award. Their support Vehicle said it all.... We may not be fast, but we're Dam cute!

Jessica said...

I said, "ALMOST" Cali! LOL! Actually, I would love to be pregnant next year as well. But if I'm not (David wins) then maybe I could give it a whirl. But probably not. Maybe.... Probably not...

leschornmom said...

Didn't catch your award Cali... Was there one for running while stripping? LOL!?! I kinda giggled as I pictured your take off.
Sounds like you had a blast! Good for you!