Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Favorite Things about Summer

By: Gideon

Hanging out with friends at the sand dunes. (Okay really it was a youth trip mom took me on, but they didn't mind so neither did I!)

Playing basketball in the gym at the church while mom works with the cub scouts. Or teenagers. I can't remember which.

Cheering on Oranje as they tear through the World Cup! "Laat de Leeuw niet in z'n Hempie staan! Hup Holland Hup!!"

Hanging with my favorite peeps. (That would be grandma & my awesome cousins!)

The Rides at Bear World. (Okay the animals were pretty cool too!)

Helping Grandpa pour a new driveway! (And of course, free rides in the backhoe!)

$1.50 kids' movies at the cheap seats (which means lots of dates with my favorite girl: Mommy!)

Yard work with Grandpa. (Both Grandpas actually.)

Fudgesicles at Nana's house!

Horseback Riding at Uncle Kelly's.
The park!
Climbing Trees!

Hiking up the Butte & taking long walks!

Summer Sweet Peaches!

The scent of freshly cut grass (and being the one who helps cut it! Even if daddy does look like a dork in his shorts & cowboy boots!)
Supporting mommy at her races (& modeling her race medals.)
Playing in the sprinklers & hoses!
...And most importantly, getting ready for the arrival of my new baby sister! 85 days & counting!


Jessica said...

How cute! He is all go go go, isn't he?!
Can't believe you came out to the dunes and didn't stop by! If you drove through St. A you probably drove right by our house!
Can't wait for baby girl pics! Are you going crazy buying clothes & decorating??? (I am asking because I'm kind of jealous!)
Love the pics of Bear World. Also extremely jealous of all the cousins!

Jacob and Cami said...

I thought the boots with the shorts was the whole reason you married him! Sexy!

Cassi : ) said...

Love the shorts and cowboy boots! Aren't boys funny?! Those are the reasons we love them so! How are you? Let me know next time you are in Utah, so we can meet up!

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

That's what I like about summer too. Especially the grandkids and the naps!