Thursday, September 16, 2010

Parker got Presents!

So a week before she's even due & Parker got a haul! We got two special packages in the mail yesterday. The first was from Grandma Peggy.

Seriously, my 84 year old grandmother cross-stitched this blanket for her. She does one for every great-grandchild. I love this woman for oh so many reasons.
The other package was from my sister Cami, (Aunt Mimi to all her nieces and nephews.)
Aren't these the cutest onesies ever! And look! Ruffles on the butt! I so am loving this girly stuff!

Cami makes lots of hairbows and flowers and clips. Some of them blend in with the table so you can't see them very well, but trust me, they're all adorable!

My very favorite though, are the Aloha dresses. I sent her a couple of Trav's old Hawaiin shirst (don't worry honey, I only sent the ones you don't wear anymore) and voila! We now have two little sundresses (with matching hair bows!) Seriously could they be any cuter!?!?!


Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

So, so Cute. Can't wait for Parker to get here!

Hillary and Jake said...

fun fun fun.