Friday, September 24, 2010

What We've Learned About Parker So Far...

1. She has her days and nights mixed up. I hear this is common with newborns and can be corrected. But right now, she's up through the night and sleeps like an angel all day long.

2. She burps better than any baby I've ever seen. She makes her daddy very proud!

3. She doesn't like the dark! We have to keep the hall light on or she doesn't sleep as well. (This is super weird and hard for me because I wear a sleep mask every night anyway because I can't stand even the glow off the alarm clock! Gideon is like me, even too much light coming in under his door bothers him as he's trying to sleep. Guess we'll have to invest in a night light for Parker's room!)

4. She's a much noiser sleeper than her brother. I run to check her all the time because I think she's in distress, but she's just making noises in her sleep.

5. She DOES NOT like sponge baths or getting her hair washed. (Not a surprise. Very few babies are fond of it.)

6. She has her daddy completely wrapped around her finger. She is already his little Princess.

7. In two days she's managed to get her brother to share more of his toys than he's ever shared with any friends or cousins who have come to visit.

8. She's the sweetest, prettiest, most wonderful baby girl ever! And we love her to pieces.

(Of course I think she's much too pretty to be mistaken for a boy! But I've loved this shirt ever since Cami bought it for Lily so we had to wear it!)

Gideon finds uses for all of the baby stuff that she's not occupying in any particular moment. Because he's resourceful like that. Did you know a bouncy seat can be used as a costume to make growling noises and scare mom with?

She's so teeny, even newborn size clothes dwarf her! (For now. I have a feeling she'll be growing into and then out of these clothes in no time!)


Larissa said...

I love the picture of Gideon giving her a kiss. So sweet!!!

Jeni said...

My goodness, Cali. She is completely beautiful. I am so thrilled for your family!!!

Jeni said...

BTW, my blog went private becuase I had odd people watching it. Can you send me your email address to bartnjenib (at) msn (dot) com so I cna send you an invite?