Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dear Daddy

A note to daddy about how we celebrated his birthday without him.

Daddy I woke up so happy and talkative this morning. I wanted to wish you happy birthday, but since I don't know any words yet, I wore this shirt which pretty well sums it up. (I had a diaper explosion all over it later in the day. But that's another story.)

Mommy bundled me up all nice and warm so we could go someplace special. Everything looked so yummy, but she didn't even let me have a taste!

I ate a cupcake for you, daddy. It was really yummy! (Especially the frosting!)

After the cupcake we went and played with Emily and Camden for a while. Then when we came home mommy watched basketball (she was happy cause her Tarheels won.) And then some guys came over with big hoses and cleaned the carpet. I got to help. I was very wet when they left.

We went some place with a lot of Christmas trees and way too many people. But everyone thought I was adorable!

Mom was being kind of mean and wouldn't let me crawl under the rope and play with the Christmas trees. I just wanted a cowboy hat and stick horse to take home! But I mostly hung out with Nana and grandma.

Mommy's tree looked very pretty and it already had been sold!

I got to meet Santa Claus for the first time. He was very, very interesting.

I liked Santa better than last year, but I wasn't too sure at first. Finally grandma made me smile.

And that's how we celebrated your birthday. Maybe next year you can be here with us!
Gideon and Parker