Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Where to Begin...

It's been so very busy! What a whirlwind weekend! Seriously my head is still spinning! So on Friday we had a little birthday party for Gavin who turned 2 on Saturday. The boys had a good time eating cupcakes and Gideon was super excited to give Gavin his gift.

Speaking of my super sweet baby boy, he's entering this new cowboy phase where he wears daddy's hat, his boots and runs around yelling "YEEHAW!" Actually I think he's being Woody from Toy Story. What's really fun is when he's Woody and Buzz both. He'll wear his Halloween costume and then put on his boots and hat with it.

Travis came home Sunday afternoon. We had a birthday dinner with family that evening. It was fun.

Even Princess P seemed to enjoy everything. She sat comfortably in grandpa's arms and watched everything going down. She's so fun being so alert and awake lately!

A super yummy ice cream cake from Cold Stone! I know there aren't 39 candles on the cake, but don't worry, next year there will definitely be 40!

Daddy, of course, had help blowing out the candles and unwrapping some gifts.

So my mom made a comment the other day about Trav's favorite meal. I told her it was macaroni & cheese and hot dogs. So what did she give him for his birthday?

Monday Travis and I went on a date in the middle of the day. We went to a matinee of Harry Potter (which was incredible) and then had hot chocolate. After that, we had a family date with the judge. Parker got hungry waiting for our turn in the courtroom.

So Nana fixed her up with a little snack.

Parker was so cute during the proceedings. She just sat quietly on my lap and watched everything with a happy smile on her face. After it was all done we visited with our caseworker, Dale and case manager, David from LDS Family Services.

We somehow failed to get a photo with the judge or our attorney, but that's okay, we got a family photo in the courtroom where we became a family legally.

Anyway, last night less than an hour after we left the courtroom, Travis and I jumped in the car and headed toward Utah. He flew out at 6:00am this morning, so we drove through the storm and got a hotel room by the airport. (There was a bonus, though, we managed to get a room at an airport hotel which had a shuttle, so I didn't even have to get out of bed to take him to the airport at 5:00am.) However, I got a very worried phone call from my mother at 7:00am asking what time I was headed home. Apparently there was a huge blizzard hitting the area. I got up and out of there, but still drove right into the teeth of the thing. I hit it at Inkom, just south of Pocatello. The roads were bad, but the blowing snow made the visibility almost nothing. It was just white, white everywhere. It was a grueling drive home but I finally made it. But let me tell you, I was exhausted when I finally got here. I'm so happy to be home, by my fireplace with my babies right now.


Cassi : ) said...

Great family picture!! So glad things are going so well for you! We were supposed to be going to Sammi's for Thanksgiving, but we'll be home instead, we are getting the same storm here now.

Brenley said...

YAY! for being able to make it legal! that is so rewarding. We just found out we will be going to court to finalize next week. we are so excited! love your little family, so adorable!