Tuesday, August 23, 2011

He's Home!!!!

My Baby Brother, Cody, arrived home from his two year church mission today! We had quite the reception party at the airport for him. Myself and my two kids, Jesse & Kelly, the two boys I tend, mom & daddy and Hillary. Mom & Hillary stayed up late last night making signs.

I thought mom was going to hyperventilate when she saw him through the doors coming down the stairs!
There's our boy!!!!!!

Hugs all around!

Gideon was a little shy of him at first, so he clung to me, but he warmed up fast!

Cody told us he wore his sunglasses the entire flight home because he didn't want anyone to see that he was crying.

Parker liked meeting uncle Cody okay, but she was really more interested in his balloons.

After the airport we came back to my house for barbecue and birthday.

Cody felt the baby move and said, "Wow that's soooo weird!!!!"

Since August sees the birthdays of Daddy, Cody & Hillary, we had a little birthday party this afternoon. They have a combined age of 101 so that's what they were trying to do with the candles.


Lombardo Family said...

Cali! I cannot believe it's been two years. That seriously seems like the fastest two years ever! What fun pictures. You look fab by the way.

April said...

So fun! My baby brother just got home this week too. Doesn't it just bring back the memories? I miss Nederland!