Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Keeping Cool

Last week was the hottest week of the year so far with everyday hitting temperatures of 90+. I LOVED IT! Still we decided we'd take advantage & check out the new water park in Rexburg.

Princess P ready for fun in the sun!

Of course Gideon had to play with his "Edee." (Our dear friend Eden for those who don't remember her from previous posts.)

And Cody & Hillary were there too!

That's Cody and Hillary on the rock wall. Cody actually got in trouble for doing a back flip off of it. Oh well.

And yes, I have a weird tan lan from all my running clothes. YUCK. At least it's better than Cody's missionary tan line.

Grandma & Parker chillin' in the lazy river.

Hillary waiting for the big slide. I think Cody and Eden were up there somewhere too, I'm just not sure where.

Parker got tired of playing before anyone else, so she and I got out and enjoyed a soft pretzel together.

It was very fun and we'll definitely be going back!

1 comment:

Hillary and Jake said...

How is it that he has been on a mission for two years, and his legs, back and stomach are still more tan than mine? Not Fair!