Sunday, August 14, 2011

My favorite Time of Year

I'll ad mit that by most accounts I'm kind of weird. I LOVE late summer. Those days when it's so sizzling hot that just walking out the door works up a sweat. (It reminds me of my childhood in Texas I guess.) When it's still and humid and all you want to do is sit in the shade with a cold drink are my very favorites. (Not that it's ever humid in Idaho, but it has been in many other places I've lived so, that's what I'm used to.) I love feeling the sun on my skin and how cool the grass feels under my feet. And I love how lazy the days are before school starts. (Not that I have kids in school yet, but gets crazier in the fall and winter.) So far we've been pretty busy this August.

Gideon has been taking swimming lessons. He absolutely loves it. The only problem is that he gets in trouble for being fearless. He will jump right in the pool before the teacher is ready for him and that of course, causes problems. Still, at least he's not afraid to give it a try, right?

As for me, you know from my previous posts I'm still running. A lot. Combined with eating better than I have in probably my entire adult life and suddenly, I'm 23 pounds thinner than I was in May. I'm not gloating or anything, but it's a personal victory and a great feeling to not have all of your clothes fitting quite so tight.


The Clegg Family said...

You look great & you should OWN it.....Be proud of that weight lossed.

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

WOW Chica!!!! Look at those Gams wouldja? You look wonderful! I am so glad Gid the Kid likes swimming lessons.

Reanda said...

You look great!!!