Monday, January 30, 2012


So I know, I know, these are way overdue! Sorry. I haven't necessarily been busy. Just lazy I guess. Anyway I figured I'd finally do some Florida catch up photos before I move on to what's been up lately.

This was the first trip to Disney World for a lot of my family. But not Lily. She's a pro!
We think we're so cute taking photos of each other taking photos!

Parker was thrilled before we even got to the park! Bubbles!!

Parker caught a ride with uncle Cody!

And then she got a new set of mouse ears. They're a little big, but hey they still work right?

The whole day was a blast. I just spent the entire thing wishing I had Gideon with me. I missed him so much it made me a little ill actually. I kept spending money buying him presents! It just broke my heart to be there having fun without him. I mean I know we did Disney together before Parker was even born, but still...

Baby Reagan napping on her mouse ears! So stinkin' cute!

Jesse & Tyree on their first ever Disney ride: Peter Pan!!! (Aw. Gideon's favorite ride ever is Peter Pan!)

Cami and Jesse! I love my sisters!

Well, she had to crash sometime...

I totally killed Jesse on the Buzz Lightyear ride! I seriously scored like 80,000 points and she had like 4500. But Jacob beat us all with his 300,000!

Parker of course loved our traditional Mickey Mouse Ice Cream sandwich! And it shows!

This was my first time on Splash Mountain. I have to say, it exceeded expectations. And I was glad to be sitting behind Jake. He's so much bigger than the rest of us, he really shielded Jesse & I from getting too wet! Not that it matters. It was close to 80 degrees that day.

She had fun while I was on Splash Mountain! What a little wild monkey!

Lily was such a good helper with Parker. Especially playing in the rabbit hole. She's kind of a little mommy and I think that's adorable. (Her brothers probably don't think it's quite as cute as I do though.)

Grandma with her afternoon snack. (The popcorn not the babies!) Not to worry I relieved her of one of those children, I just had to get a photo first because it was funny.

Headed up to the Haunted Mansion was so fun. There was no line so we were able to just walk right on, but it's more fun to go through the "cemetary" so you can play with all the cool stuff.

And we finished the evening with the light parade of course!

The only time of the day besides her short nap in the stroller when Parker sat still for 10 minutes together!

A great day for everyone! Next year I'm taking Gideon! (and maybe Travis if he's lucky! He he he!)

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Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Travis would LOVE Disney, especially with Gideon!!! BUZZ Lightyear, TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!!!