Friday, January 13, 2012

So many pictures so little time!!!

Wow this last trip to Florida was a total whirlwind!!! We slept very little and crammed so much into the time that we were there it was incredible! I'll post later about the Ragnar and Disney, but for now here are a few random shots of our first couple of days.

Jesse & I traveled together with our baby girls. We stayed up all night Tuesday to leave at 1:00am and drive down to SLC to catch our flight. By the time we arrived in Ft. Lauderdale at 3:30pm Wednesday, we were absolutely exhausted! But it was so fun to see Cami & her family we were glad to be there.

Tyree & Gage made wonderful happy and smiling faces at each other. Considering they were born just 46 hours apart we figure they must recognize each other from up there.

And this was how the whole week was. You just slept whenever and where ever you could.

Everyone else arrived throughout the day on Thursday. We put Skye & Ryan to work building a fire engine for the top of one of the race vehicles.

Reagan was a great helper sitting in the saucer and playing.

We couldn't let the day go by without taking a photo of the three babies together. It was so fun! They have such cute little personalities. Tyree is a total ham! So you have Tyree born Sept. 18, Gage born Sept. 16 & Reagan born Oct. 27.

Like I said, sleep was in pretty short supply this week, so you caught catnaps when you could.

But she woke up when grandma offered her bites of pulled pork. She really liked that!

That's Parker, Lily, Tyree, Gage, Reagan & Ransom. Only 6 of my parents' 14 grandkids, but still a good chunk of them.

Other posts are forthcoming. But I think this one is just too much cuteness for one post!

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