Saturday, June 21, 2014

Another Saturday, Another Race

 So today was the Scenic River Classic Race from Snake River Landing up around the greenbelt and into Freeman Park here in Idaho Falls.  Since that's one of my typical training routes I figured it would be a good race for me.  Gideon wanted to do the kids' race and even though that didn't start until 10:30, he was ready to go just after six this morning.
 As for me I did pretty well.  I managed five seconds faster than last week's half marathon.  But there were no hills and no wind this week, so I think that helped, even if the temps were close to 20 degrees warmer.

 Parker started to feel left out because she didn't have a race number, so I pinned mine on her.

 The kids had a great time, enjoying free slices of bread from Great Harvest.  And then Gideon ran the one mile.  He did an awesome job and finished really strong.
 As he was coming into the finisher's chute, Parker decided she should run with him, so she finished with him.
 It was actually very sweet, the organizers let her have a race medal of her very own which she proudly wore around all day.
 And then of course there were the free snow cones and dance party afterward, so according to Gideon this was the best race ever.  Although he did tell me he'd rather do triathalon races because he's faster on his bike.  Guess I'll have to get him in swimming lessons again.

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Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Yay for the Storer Runners!!! Tell Gideon Grandma and Grandpa say "Good Job" and we are proud of him. Parker is just too cute with her boots and medal!