Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ask Me How I Really Feel?

The news broke today.  The news I'd been expecting (and dreading) for a couple of months now.  Someone let it slip recently that LDS Family Services (the private agency owned by the church through which we were blessed with our babies) would no longer be acting as an adoption agency.  They will still offer counseling to birth parents, unwed parents, single parents and prospective adoptive parents, but they will no longer have any part in facilitating the actual placement of children through adoption.  And today it became official.

This news has hit me rather harder than I thought it would.  Travis and I knew even before Parker was placed with us, that she would be the missing piece that would make our family complete.  We had no designs on adding anymore children to our family.  And that's still the case.  We're complete.  Not just for now, but forever.  Our family is perfect. 

But it hurts because I know that we wouldn't have these children without LDS Family Services.  For starters we couldn't afford any other agency.  And believe me, we looked into several, but LDSFS was the only agency that offered a subsidized placement fee.  Meaning that instead of a set fee of $20K or more, we paid a set percentage based on our combined income.  Honestly, for our adoptions, we paid only 1/4 to 1/3 of what we would have otherwise had to shell out for a placement fee.  Furthermore, our birth mother chose LDS Family Services as the agency with which to place her child because she is LDS and wanted a family with the same religious background and similar values. 

I found the reasons for shutting down the adoption agency cited in the article to be vague and confusing.  How can taking away the only affordable option for so many families increase their opportunities to adopt? 

Anyway I know they said there are alternative options for couples and birth parents still trying to adopt, but right now it just seems confusing and heart wrenching for those families still trying to build their family through adoption.

Alright so now that I've rambled about something I can't change or fix, I'll post something positive.  So here's how awesome I am, today I put together a princess bed for my daughter.  Without instructions (because for some reason the manufacturer saw fit not to include any.)  And without help other than that from my children. True it took me all day, but I got it done.  And Parker has never been happier.

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Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

We know that there are other reason's for shutting down LDSFS adoption. Reasons that came about because of the political correctness in our society. I am just so grateful they were there for our family when you needed them. This too will work out. I have complete faith in the Brethren and Our God that he will take care of those who need this type of service.